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The "Monte do Ferrenho" has to offer to its customers mountain bike tracks in gps format so that they can enjoy of strolls in the region! We have also more services: lease of bicycles, gps and the possibility of using a guide.

In a zone of great beauty where the valleys and the mountains of Alentejo mix, we have to offer mountain bike strolls of some levels.


Level 1

Level 2 

Level 3 

Ribeira de telhares

7 Km 15 Km 15 Km

Ribeira de Torquines

30 Km - -

Terras de Remexido 1

- 30 Km  -

Terras de Remexido 2

- 60 Km  -

Subida à Fóia 

- -  40 Km 

Barragem Santa Clara

- 35 Km *  -
  * Canoeing included.

Never leave the security equipment at home. Gloves and helmet are the considered minimum. And remember that to respect the nature is fundamental to enjoy it. Preserve the nature and leave the garbage in the adequate places.

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